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Air Purifiers

Austin Air offers the most outstanding quality and performance air purifiers on the market today. The Health plus Series features a 320 degree air delivery system without the disturbing draft and noise most air purifiers and prone to.

The HyperHEPA filtration system has been proven by independent testing to be the effective and healthiest way to clean the air. It filters the air safely to the 0.003 micron level, without using ozone generation, ionization, ultraviolet radiation.

The HealthPro Plus is great for Allergy suffers. It has a 4-Stage filtration system.

1 Micro-Particle Filtration- Pre-Max Pre Filter eliminates micro particles such as mold spores, pet dander and pollen.

2 Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption- (Optional on HealthPro) Uses granulated activated carbon to adsorb and eliminate odor causing organic compounds and harmful chemicals.

3 Pelletized Chemisorption- V5-Cell pelletized chemisortion filter destroys other harmful chemicals.

4 HyperHEPA Filtration- Unequalled IQAir HyperHEPA filter eliminates ultrafine particles, including bacteria and viruses.

On top of being great for Allergy suffers, The IQAir HealthPro Plus produces minimal noise and has a 320 degree air exhaust system eliminating drafts. Swiss made, you can be assured quality and superior design. It has easy filter replacement and is a leader in energy efficiency.

If chemicals, gases and odors are your greatest concern, consider the GC MultiGas.


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