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Cleaning Tips

Frequency of Vacuuming

The amount of times per week you should vacuum your carpets is determined by the about of traffic it gets. In high traffic lanes you should vacuum daily and the whole room once a week. Removing the soil particles before they embed themselves in the carpet fiber with help make you carpet look better and last longer.

Vacuum Attachments

Crevice Tool- Used for cleaning tight hard to reach areas, baseboards, door tracks, air vents, and around and behind appliances.

Brush Attachment- Used for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, and automobile interiors.

Extension Wand- Used to help reach floor and ceiling cleaning jobs. Used with a variety of other attachment to give you extra reach.

Vacuum Height Adjustment Setting- The length of your carpet will determine the height level to set your vacuum on. If you have tile or wood floors use the lowest level available. For short to medium length carpet use the medium height setting. For tall or shaggy carpet use the highest setting possible, in some cases you might want to turn off the rotating brush, if that feature is available, to prevent damage to your carpet or vacuum cleaner

When to Replace Vacuum Bag

Check the level of debris in bag before each use. It is recommended to change your bag out when it is ½ to 2/3 full to keep your machine running at its top performance level.

When to Replace the Vacuum Belt

Eventually your belt will break, but don't wait till that happens to replace it. Most rubber banded belts require replacement every 6 months for optimal performance. This is due to the fact that as a belt ages in a stretched position it gets larger and begins to slip when under the load of turning the agitator through your carpet. Agitation is a vital component of carpet cleaning so replace the belt frequently.

When to Replace the Vacuum Filter

With regular use over time the filter will become dirty and will need to be cleaned, this is especially true of bagless vacuums. A worn filter will eventually need to be replaced to keep your machine working at its top performance and to prevent clogs that occur due to slow airflow. Airflow is a vital component of carpet cleaning so clean and replace the filter frequently.


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